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How to setup W3 total cache with WooCommerce

W3 Cache Plugin configuration for work with Woocommerce

For Improve website performance we use many cache plugins but its disturbed woo-commerce functionality some time.

Like W3 Cache Plugin stop product page gallery page images slider or checkout page functions for fix these issue we should nee d to configure W3 properly .Following things need to configure.

1 – You must add _wc_session_ to the “Ignored Query Strings” option in W3TC settings.

WP-admin go to Performance > Database Cache and add _wc_session_ to the Ignored query stems: Textarea box

2 – Add mfunc to the list of Ignored Comment Stems:

According wootheme guidelines for WooCommerce Cache Ensure you add ‘mfunc’ to the ‘Ignored comment stems’ option in the Minify settings.

Go to Performance > Minify, add mfunc to the list of Ignored comment stems:

3 – Exclude WooCommerce specific pages from the W3 Total cache

To exclude following WooCommerce pages from Cache

Add cart, checkout, shop, /shop* etc in Performance > Page Cache – Never cache the following pages text-area box.